Cuba Medical Electives: Update 2014

cuba-updateFrom 2010 to 2013 Cuba Medical Link has given 152 students the opportunity to undertake medical electives in Cuba. From January 2014 the programme has been expanded to include Havana and additional health disciplines. 11 minutes

Mexico 2: The Day of the Dead

mexico 2The place to witness the Day of the Dead celebrations is the town of Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán in Mexico. 47 minutes.

Mexico 3: Chiapas

mexico 3Travelling to the Mayan sites and mountain villages of Chiapas, Mexico. 37 minutes.

Mexico 4: Yucatán

mexico 4A tour of the Mayan sites and the cities of the Yucatán in Mexico. 56 minutes.

Round-the-world Part 4 India: Rowing Down the Ganges

RTW 4As the crow flies it's about 200 kilometers from Allahabad to fabled Varanasi, India's holiest, and possibly oldest city. But the Ganges twists and doubles back, so as the dolphin swims, it's almost twice as far. 48 minutes.